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                              Bringing Our Dinner Table to You

Grammama was visiting on the opening night of Billiken’s BBQ

If you have not tried Grammama's potato salad, then you are missing out! More importantly though, who is Grammama? Louise Shalawylo is the mother of Greg Shalawylo, owner and pit master of Billiken’s BBQ. Louise was born in Detroit, Michigan on April 25, 1921. She grew up in a large polish family during the great depression, when work and food were hard to come by. 


When telling her stories, she says her father could fix anything.  He had some work in an automobile factory, but it was still very hard to put food on the table. They made do with what they had. Growing up, Louise always watched her mother cook and make meals from the simple ingredients that they were able to afford. Once the depression was over, the family's situation improved, but they still held on to many of those simple and delicious meals.


On September 13th 1941, Louise married Bill Shalawylo and together they had six children Bill, Mary Louise, Charlotte, Kenny, Brian and Greg. She then had a houseful of her own to feed! Her yummy potato salad is just one of the many recipes that the Shalawylo family still makes today. Louise's gift of making good food from simple ingredients has been passed on through her kids, to her 19 grandchildren, and even many of her 38 great grandchildren (that are old enough to cook)! However, chances are, if you ask her for a recipe she will say, “Oh, I don’t know!  Just watch me make it!” Louise Shalawylo still lives on her own in Michigan and will be celebrating her 94th birthday in this same year as the restaurant’s opening!


Gathering as a family around a great meal was and still is an important Shalawylo family tradition.  We are ever thankful for full bellies, unending laughter, and the memories that will be shared for generations. 

Owner's Greg and Sharon Shalawylo

The owners of Billiken’s have been whipping up the best in Spotsylvania, Virginia since 2000. We pride ourselves on what comes out of our smokers and onto your plate. We started this company out of a desire to get our BBQ to more people. Before Billiken’s was started, we used to prepare BBQ for our family and friends once a week and at special occasions. The response was always positive and we could see that our BBQ needed to get out to the masses; it was too good to keep to ourselves. So in 2000 Billiken’s BBQ Company was created and we have been preparing the best in BBQ ever since.


We like to cater any type of event imaginable. We can cater your next wedding, summer backyard party, company party, 4th of July bash or anything that may come up. We used to just bring our BBQ and present it to the guests. But then we thought, why not bring the BBQ party to the actual party. This is when we began bringing our mobile BBQ pit to the event to bring the action to your backyard. Our mobile BBQ pit worked wonders, the BBQ came out even more tender and flavorful and the guests loved watching the process. It’s been a huge hit and we can bring that excitement to your next outdoor gathering without being intrusive to your guests.


All of our ingredients are sourced locally from local farms and homemade in our kitchens. Our most popular choices of BBQ are spare ribs, pulled pork, beef brisket and BBQ ham steaks. You may want to double down on the beef brisket as it always is the first item to get eaten up by the guests. We are looking to include some farm raised chicken to add to our menu as it has been requested in the past. Besides the mouth watering main items on our menu you would want to complete your backyard BBQ with some delicious sides such as baked beans, sweet potatoes, broccoli and German potato salad and Sauerkraut. If you need help in deciding what to order, we can plan the perfect menu for your guests.

Billiken’s BBQ Company has been catering delicious BBQ to various functions since the year 2000. Our BBQ is recognized locally as being the best and we have also won the “Q for a cause” annual event down in Knoxville, TN where BBQ is king. We can bring the BBQ to your next social event or we can cook it there right on premise with our mobile BBQ pit and smoker. We offer the best in BBQ and sides and all of our ingredients are sourced locally. Have Billiken’s prepare the best BBQ in town for your next event. Please get in touch with us at 540-895-5285 or email us at Billikensbbq@gmail.com We are located at 200 lake Front Drive Suit 101 Mineral Va 23117. ( Lake Anna near 208 Bridge)

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